“…the action for change begins with ourselves as individuals.”


About eco∙me

eco∙me is a three-year community engagement project that serves as a catalyst for sustainable living through arts and lifestyle activities. The inaugural project of eco.me is The Fantastical World of eco∙me, a community event co-organised by The RICE Company Ltd and Global Cultural Alliances Ltd as part of i Light Marina Bay 2017. Centred around the concept of a festival village, The Fantastical World of eco∙me embraces the philosophy of minimal waste and will be built from primarily recycled materials, such as wooden pallets and beer crates.



Let’s be eco-conscious at The Fantastical World of eco‧me:

Bring your own eco bags! You can get our specially designed eco bag for free when you make a pledge* to do simple acts of conserving energy and reducing waste. Do this pledge at the event or here.

Reduce food waste. Order only as much food as you can finish.

Be creative. Upcycle household items that you no longer need.

Leave no trace of waste, please. Segregate and dispose your trash into the proper bins at the bin centre.

Go car-lite! Travel by public transport or hitch a ride.

Adopt a piece of eco‧me! 500 wooden pallets have been converted into 70 tables, 80 benches and 20 planter towers. Help us find new homes for these furniture, which can be adopted for a donation**.


* This pledge is in support of “Eco Action Day”, a green campaign by Ricoh, which encourages organisations, schools and individuals to take positive action for the environment on 5th June, World Environment Day.

** Donations of a minimum of $50 per furniture item is encouraged and will go towards Culture Plus Fund which seeks to support creative initiatives and platforms for vulnerable adults.